• Georgie McGrath

The stills of Laura Letinsky

I recently came across Laura Letinsky's work whilst working on a recent project of mine 'Dreams'. Her minimalistic photos enhanced by the soft tonal range using pastel colours are simply beautiful. After finding out the context behind her work I admired this series even more. Bringing to the viewers attention something so simple which is usually overlooked...

Her intrest driven in “control, accidents and contrivance”. She brings to the viewers attention ‘the moment after’: the leftovers, the over ripe melon, stained napkins, the dirty utensils. The human subject is never shown in her photograghs yet the notion of people is present in Letinskys visual narrative. The metaphors in her photograghs communicates decay, what remains, what stains, fragility, temporality, the aftermathh and what cannot be avoided. “It’s this idea that the narrative has already occurred; the meal has been eaten, the cornucopia has been consumed, something has been consummated, and this is what’s left in the early morning light.” (Letinsky).

Canadian contemporary photogragher Laura L. Letinsky, born 1962, best known for her minimilistic still lifes. For my line of work I am particually intrested in herstratigically placed everyday items such as peeled fruits, empty yogurt pots and kitcehn utensils against brilliant white backdrops. Letinsky influenced by 17th Century Dutch still life paintings fuses the classical tradtion stil life with the equisitely composed minilmistic contemporary art. In her ealry career, Letinsky photograhed couples in the intimacy of thier homes creating narratives of love and relationships. Letinsky replaced people in her photograhed with objects in the late 1990’s. Her work has been ehibited at the museum of Contemporary Photograghy, The Netherlands Foto Institute and has ben published in the New York Times Magazine. With a BFA from the university of Manitoba (class of 1986), and a MFA from Yale University, 1991. Currently she is a professor of Visual Arts at the University of Chicargo.

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