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Masie Cousins

Maisie Cousins, born 1992, is an artist from London. Cousins studied at Brighton University however after leaving she was frustrated with the traditional approach to photography. Her work redefines femininity and she celebrates the female form which other photographers tend to airbrush away. “Her approach to making art is hedonistic and self satisfying. She explores themes of power, femininity, nature, technology, the body and indulgence”

Exploring themes of colour, femininity, nature, social norms, shame and secrecy all at once, the work of photographer Maisie Cousins is disorientating, challenging and a whole lot of fun. Focussing on “all things gross and human”, the images also venture into the abstract with tight, intimate crops, pools of lilac water and swirling, psychedelic colours. In a world where so much of photography is about elevating real life to the unattainable, Maisie’s work focuses on a rawer and unexpected form of beauty.

Maisie Cousins challenges her viewer focussing on “all things gross and human”. She creates fluid and experimental compositions often cropping her images close up focussing on main aspects, the use of psychedelic colours and pools of coloured water which has soon become her signature style. Cousins set out to normalise nudity and to turn body parts into aesthetically pleasing visuals which juxtaposes with the ‘industry approved’ nudity. “Cousins’ work sits at the intersection of ugly and beautiful – seducing and confusing her viewers in equal measure”. Some titles of her projects include; ’S.E.X’, ‘What Girls Are Made Of’, ‘Grass, Peonie, Bum’, ‘Overgrown’.

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