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Lectures Cancelled

Updated: May 17, 2018

Today, lectures and seminars were cancelled and despite the snow, our course took a day trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. In preparation for our image interpretation. We went to see the exhibition 'The Garden of Good and Evil' by Alfredo Jaar, a filmmaker and architect. 'Widely regarded as one of the world’s most politically engaging and poetic artists, Alfredo Jaar addresses human trauma and the politics of image-making, creating visually and emotionally stunning works.' YSP

Alfredo Jaar often uses a mixture of powerful mixed media installations which engage his audience and appose thought provoking questions. I particularly liked ‘The Sound of Silence’ (2006) which is an eight minute silent video installation shown inside a metallic enclosure. The entire structure and video is devoted to showcasing one incredibly important image but also translates the brief story and suffering of photojournalist Kevin Carter. Alfredo Jaar uses ‘The Sound of Silence’ to boldly deliver an overwhelming story which highlights issues within society but also how that spiralled into the destruction of Kevin Carter’s personal life. ‘The Sound of Silence’ stays close to the important facts such as Kevin Carter’s suicide in 1994 aged 33. ‘What Jaar achieves exceptionally well is to strike the perfect balance among information, ethics and didactics with poetics and aesthetics.’ Vogue

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