• Georgie McGrath

First day in Japan

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

After a 4 hour coach journey, followed by a 9 hour plane journey to Dubai and a 9 hour flight to Tokyo. I have made it to Japan. I have grown up hearing stories of my Dad's adventures whilst living in Japan for years, it has always been at the top of my list of countries to visit.

However, I don't think anyone could fully prepare me for the wonders Japan holds. Whilst awaiting our luggage at Narrita International Airport and curious about stories we've heard about the Japanese toilets you can guess this was the first place we explored. Heated seats, air-drying, deodorising, audio music (to help the user relax or mask unwanted sounds), nozzles that clean your bottom. The number of buttons besides the toilet where overwhelming to a first timer like me. Oh and no need to worry about germs, the toilet will detect your presence opening the lid when you arrive and closing the lid as you exit whilst flushing.

We must of come across like excited children as after our thrilling adventures exploring the toilets we ran across to a selection of vending machines offering warm tea and coffee, beer, ice cream, ramen, umbrellas, eggs, bananas, sushi socks, underwear, HAMBURGERS AND FRIES! I'm sure the list could go. I have been in this country for less than 2 hours and I am in love.

​Our base for the next 4 days is a little out of the centre in a small town called Tokayabo. Gives us the opportunity to explore more of Japan. I have been researching landmarks and places to visist prior to my trip and my little team of myself and 3 others have a tight schedule for the next free days. I can't wait... sleep isn't an option!

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