• Georgie McGrath

Dreams of Lost Relatives

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

Why do we dream? As our brain turns off our minds take us on extraordinary adventures, exploring our deepest desires or perhaps frightening us. It's a truly fascinating perspective that as a dreamer you have involuntary and reduced control over your imagination, emotions, sensations and visual images.

Following Georgina’s dream experience about a lost relative, she was compelled to investigate this subject matter. Georgina explores the boundaries of our unconscious minds, bringing to life the dreams of her subjects. A succession of images each symbolic to the dreamer, represented by an object belonging to the deceased loved one, or a memory taken from the dream they encountered.

Georgina’s series communicates memory and loss, but also remains very personal to the dreamer drawing attention to elements of the dream state often overlooked. Her subjects each believed that there lost relatives visited them during their dream, to warn them, comfort them, or to simply pay them a visit. The irony is that each individual who would have otherwise been afraid by their dream, welcomed the visitation speaking animatedly about it, sometimes inviting it to happen again.

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