• Georgie McGrath

D R A K E @drakesweeneyy

I LOVE LOVE LOVE! Stumbling across new photographers unintentionally. For me, alot of my inspiration comes from instagram pages, pins on pintrest and the people I work closely with at university. Yes I do still appreciate books, in-fact I love sitting down looking through photobooks, independant magazines and novels. But in this day an age, and i'm afraid to admit it, I spend more time behind a screen of some sort than anything else.

But I appreciate social media so much! and without it I wouldn't of come across this upcoming photographer, Drake Sweeney. I was instantly drawn to Drakes work. His insatagram page so vibrant and edgy... Soo experimental with his angles and locations, it really sets his work aside from the norm. But what I also love is like me, he is 20 years old studying at University (Chicago , Illinois). I find it so inspiring finding young, upcoming photographers succeeding in the highly competitive industry.

But don't take my word for it. Go check out his work for yourself!



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