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4th day in Tokyo

Updated: Apr 25, 2018

I'm currently sat on the bullet train (Shinkansen) on my way to Kyoto where we will spend the next 3 days of our trip. The last 4 days in Tokyo have been unexplainable, the sheer density of people is incredibly intense, the chaos of flashing neon lights are mesmerising, and the overall organisation of how this city works during 24 hrs is just thrilling. Its true what people say, Japan is honestly like no other and I really do not want this experience to end. In this blog I will do a short summary of how we spent the past 4 days (I could write a book tbh).

​So on the first day we searched around our little town of something to eat for breakfast. After about 20mins of searching for somewhere other than sushi for breakfast (which isn't the first thing I want to eat in the morning as much as I have a new profound love for sushi) we stumbled across... and I'm embarrassed to say this. McDonalds. We are in a country which serves the most incredible dishes and McDonalds was the only place we could find to eat some breakfast. Having said that, it was a fairly interesting experience going to a Japanese McDonalds, and believe it or not, of course the McDonalds showed England up. So tasty with a highly interesting menu, however the black burger buns were questionable.

With full bellies we took the train to Shibuya crossing (the top of my list to see). An iconic scene in many films which Shibuya Crossing is used to depict how busy tokyo is. The crossing is the centre of five roads and is known as the busiest crossing in the world, it is also referred to as Shibuya Scamble Crossing. We must have spent 2 hours walking back and fourth other, as soon as the signal said go the mad dash was on, chaos, thousands of people walking in so many directions dodging one another in such a confined space. Truly hypnotic. I can't begin to explain how surreal this area of Tokyo is, but if you're ever in Japan this is a must to visit. Its also a major shopping district in Tokyo for the shopping lovers. We visited some other well known places such as Ginza, Akihabara which is the ultimate place in the World for technology, gadgets, gismos, things of the future. Oh and of course we had to visit Yodobashi Camera, the nine story mega store. Anything you want to buy you name it, I guarantee its there. We saw some crazy people and gadets here including robots roaming the streets and a real life Mario Kart Race interwinding through the traffic. Kaminarimon, or sometimes known as 'Thunder Gate' is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tokyo, Japan. It is the outer gate among two large entrances that lead to the Senso-ji, an ancient – and the largest – Buddhist temple in Tokyo, Asakusa, Taito. We also payed Tokyo Skytree where we experienced 360° views of Tokyo from the obverstaion deck on floor 350metres. We could see Mt. Fiji in the distance. Breathtaking views of the city we have spent the past 4 days exploring. What made things even better as 10 minutes being on the deck, the sun made an appearance giving us a buzz as we captured some incredible shots whilst watching the sun sleep over the city.

That brings me to today, an early start. We spent the day in Chiyoda which is basically the centre of Tokyo. This was the working place, a very sophisticated area filled with smartly dressed workers roaming the streets. Skyscrapers everywhere you turn. We found it was an incredibly spacious area, less crowded compared to where we have prevoulsy visited. Our aim today was to locate the Imperial Place, Kokyo before our train leaves for Kyoto. Imperial Palace is the primary residence of the Japanese Head State, the emperor of Japan. It is located within the grounds of what was Edo's Castles which is said to be the most expensive square kilometre in the world. It was a long walk but the grounds and outside of the walls were something to remember. We then caught the Shinkansen.

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