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2nd Year Finally Complete

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

My Magazine has arrived!

What a year! I didn't believe 2nd year could be topped... but it has!!

Beginning the term year we worked towards our exhibition at Surface Gallery which was showcased February (earlier this year). An amazing experience which along the way allowed me to meet and work with some talented friends. I then took a trip to New York. A couple of essay's along the way and finally, for the past few months I have been working on my magazine (pictured above).

Depiction explores portraiture and landscape.

After living in Nottingham for two years, photogragher Georgie Mcgrath’s aim was to photograph the places she walks past daily.

​She has p​hotogragh​ed​ selected students of Nottingham Trent University​ in a series exploring her model​s ​individual style within these landmarks​. Each ​image bares ​significan​ce ​in some way​,​ whether recorgnisable ​to Nottingham residents or to the photogragher herself. Her work offers a show case of fashion portr​aiture​ and ​common location​s​ ​within this cosmopolitan city​.

“I walk past these places everyday. I appreciate the landmarks of real historical interest like the castle but my eye is often drawn to the colour surrounding it, for example the bright yellow door opposite the castle. For my shoot’s I wanted to focus more on the unspoken beauty that people walk past everyday of their lives”

Georgina McGrath

Shoutout to my models, without you're patience and help this book wouldn't have happened, I am truly grateful. Hopefully I will be able to share some pages from the magazine once it's returned from marking.

A special thank you to:

Jade Pymm

Lydia Harding

Alexzandros Peleteis

Emma Stanley

Maria Radoja

Jade Onii

Fiona Alice

Evan Watts

Lydia Hart

Mani Jones

John E Wright printing

Andrew Cantonais & my peers

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